The Tree Philosophical Practice is an approach that focuses on the connection between man and tree to provide holistic support for the body, mind and spirit. The practice is based on the idea that trees are not just inanimate plants, but have a deep connection with nature and us humans.


In the tree-philosophical practice, it is also possible to create a personal tree diagram. The holo-cybernetic system (HCS) of the tree philosophy according to Richter provides knowledge about health and illness, emotional states, genetic stress and professional opportunities for personal development.



Tree philosophers can provide clear and quick orientation in disease crises and development phases.


The Tree Philosophical Practice under the direction of Doris Richter has established and specialized itself over the past decade through numerous inquiries as a social consulting field.

  • personality orientation
  • Orientation in all partnership areas and matters
  • Counseling in professional and private bullying situations,
  • in life crises and upheavals,
  • in serious conflict situations

Appointments within 3 days possible, primarily via zoom (or skype) for the purpose of recording for the client.

Doris Richter - Inquiries directly:

Mobil +41 (0) 78 654 75 36,


Psychosomatic tree analysis using the energetic bioresonance method (required):


Tree Philosophical Practice is a type of spiritual or alternative therapy based on the idea that trees and nature as a whole have a healing effect on humans. The practice is based on the idea that trees represent a living connection between earth and sky and can therefore serve as mediators between these two worlds and that their leaf essences unfold gentle invigorating effects in difficult situations.


Various techniques are used in Tree Philosophical Practice to create this connection with trees and nature. For example, one can simply be inspired by the language (story) of a tree to create a deeper connection. A personal chart can also be used to establish a specific relationship with a particular tree and harness its healing energy.


Tree philosophical practice is often viewed as a way to heal the body, soul and spirit by establishing a deep connection with the inner nature of the human being and charging oneself with clearing energies of awareness.


It is important to note that this practice should not be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment, but rather as a complementary method to promote well-being and self-healing.

The philosophy of nature is about connecting with a tree and gaining a deeper connection with oneself and nature through observation, reflection and meditation. This practice can help reduce stress, increase awareness, and improve well-being.

Man recognizes himself in the mirror of nature and the trees

The statement states that trees reflect their health to us through their external appearance, such as a large, healthy crown, a strong trunk and metabolically active root power. Trees have been used for thousands of years as medicine and inspiration for humans and philosophers. The tree-philosophical practice offers the possibility to receive help and information for the body, the feelings and the spirit through a personal diagram. Trees are a bridge to understanding problems and challenges in good times and bad. Everyone can get help and strength from the tree.


Tree essences are a type of energetic healing method based on the idea that the energy and vibrations of trees have healing properties.